This Is Rocket Science: An Activity Guide: 70 Fun and Easy Experiments for Kids to Learn More about Our Solar System

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Hands-on, project-based teaching of scientific space principles broken down into the different stages of a rocket and its launch.

Building a rocket and learning about science has never been easier with This Is Rocket Science: An Activity Guide.

Fun experiments for kids and adults teach you how to build mind-blowing projects, each designed to show how mechanical science and astrophysics work from the inside out. Use everyday items like bottles, cardboard, glue and tape to build awesome rocket ships, paper spinners and mobile rocket launch pads, all while learning concepts like Newton’s Third Law of motion (for every action there is always an opposite and equal reaction), speed, gravity and air resistance. Kids learn to make scientific observations, ask questions, identify and classify and find answers to their questions, all while investigating space.

This book will feature 70 activities and 60 photographs.

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