Ten Frame Towers

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This exciting new game features innovative, stacking ten-frame tiles. The goal is to make combinations of ten with your frames and stack them high to win!

The Ten-Frame Towers game helps to reinforce number facts to ten in a visual way. Great game to reach your visual/spatial learners.

Build number bonds to 10 with the innovative stacking frames and develop arithmetic through multi-sensory learning. Helps students to quickly visualize numerals. Includes 65 ten-frame tiles, ten-frame dice, and instructions.

  • Ages 5+
  • Grades K-2
  • 2-4 players
  • 65 counting frame tiles
  • 2 x foam dice
  • activity guide.

"This is such an easy, fun game. I got this for my 7 year-old since he was learning 10's. After just a few minutes he understood that each block was a different number and the blocks would fit together to form 10. Each color is a different number and they can fit together in a variety of ways. He caught on quickly that "I need the two piece to match my 8 piece to make 10." And as an adult, it was a fun game since the dice add some luck rather than just skill. I highly recommend it!" -- Homeschool Parent

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