Giraffes Ruin Everything

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ISBN: 9781619634756
Author: Heidi Schulz
Illustrator: Chris Robertson
Binding: Hardcover

This funny, irreverent picture book from an exciting creative duo is perfect for fans of Peter Brown's Children Make Terrible Pets.

In this mischievously funny picture book, sometimes even the most well-known creatures are completely misunderstood. For one stubborn boy, giraffes simply ruin everything! They disrupt birthday parties, cause chaos on the playground, and steal your ice cream from under your nose. But look closer, and it's obvious to everyone else that this giraffe is only trying to make friends. Maybe, giraffes don't ruin everything after all.

Heidi Schulz's cheeky storytelling is brought to life by animation veteran Chris Robertson in a winning combination that will have everyone cheering for the underdog. Sly visual humor and laugh-out-loud moments will have readers quickly realizing that everyone deserves a friend.