The Cat in the Hat Instructional Guide for Literature

The Cat in the Hat Instructional Guide for Literature

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Encourage early readers to dive into this delightful story by completing fun, challenging activities and lessons that will help them analyze the sticky situation the Cat in the Hat has created. The Cat in the Hat: An Instructional Guide for Literature will make analyzing this classic children's story fun and interesting for students. 



These resources incorporate strategies for effective literacy instruction that work together to rigorously guide students through their study of literature.

  • Text-dependent questions are used to determine comprehension of the books as well as student interpretation of the vocabulary words
  • Close reading is used throughout the units to guide students toward revisiting the text and using textual evidence to respond to prompts orally and in writing
  • Students must analyze the story elements in multiple assignments for each section of the book
  • Cross-curricular connections to writing, mathematics, science, social studies, and the fine arts
  • Reader-response writing and text-dependent questions help prepare for future test-based environments

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