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We not only offer the best bundled packs of books and toys for at-home learning, but with over 15 years experience in the book industry we are proud to have helped foster a love of reading and learning for countless families.


 Crafting the right balance of education and fun doesn't happen overnight.  Our company has a long history of working with students, parents, educators, after-school programs and school districts administrators.  The needs of each are unique but the desired outcome is the same - instilling the love of learning with quality products that excite, entertain and educate.   


If you give a mouse a cookie, he's going to ask for a glass of milk... or so the story goes. We use the same approach with our products.  Curated by experts, our bundled packs of books and toys draw out the natural curiosity within children and create an excitement to learn more.  When learning is fun, a child will ask for more.

Building a home library is one of the most effective ways to guarantee a child's educational success. The more they read the better they become at reading. And the better they are at reading the better they will be in all subjects.

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In 2005 we began working with school districts that were expanding and opening new schools. Our Library Services division created custom-built book collections tailored to meet state curriculum standards and balanced across the Dewey Decimal system. Using this knowledge, we have built our Skoolaroo bundled book packs in a way that is balanced and supports your curriculum.

Educational software and digital devices have revolutionized education but their effectiveness is limited to certain tasks.  To counter the rise in screen time among children, Skoolaroo focuses on physical books and activities that ignite the imagination, allow children to decompress, and explore nature. 


Digital devices are no match to physical books when it comes to reading comprehension, sophisticated deep reading processes, the application of critical analysis, perspective-taking and empathy.

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It's no surprise that homeschool education has been steadily increasing over the last decade but no one could have guessed that public schools would switch to distance learning in 2020.  With students staying at home, parents have been struggling to find ways to keep their children engaged.  We're proud to introduce our new line of products curated to meet the needs of students learning at home.

Our products have received starred reviews, multiple awards, and are manufactured to the highest quality.


Create Life-long Learners with Skoolaroo!

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