Outdoor School Essentials: Survival Skills

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All the essential survival skills visually explained in a waterproof and tear-proof book that fits inside your pocket.

Outdoor School Essentials: Survival Skills is your must-have companion to the wild. These pocket-sized books have quick references for what you need to know while on your next outdoor adventure. Flip through for simple diagrams and full-color illustrations on pitching tents, making a fire, first aid, poisonous plants, dangerous animals, and more.

Made of durable Tyvek material, these books are meant to last through any adventure! Being waterproof and tear-proof makes these the perfect pocket-sized trove of information for kids to take outside. They're also 100 percent washable and 100 percent fun!

Easy to digest at a glance, these travel-friendly books are made even more beautiful with full-color, vintage-inspired art and highly visual diagrams.

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